Plans & pricing

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Add ons​

  • No minimum contract length, 5L Core licence fee to be paid up-front before ‘go-live’
  • Subsequent invoice charged on ‘go-live’.
  • Desktop optimised and progressive web-app only, Native Application (Google and Apple) not included as standard.
  • Loyalty balances transferred from previous loyalty system if required using email address as the unique consumer identifier.
  • Payment of licence fee must be paid via Direct Debit or from a registered Debit/Credit Card.
  • Quote is valid from 4 weeks from send date.
  • Prices are shown excluding VAT.
  • Payments – Yoco Account required
  • Native mobile app
    • Mobile app is hosted under the 5Loyalty Developer account.
    • Price quoted is per mobile app, regardless of number of locations.

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