Native Application

A 5loyalty native application will give you a presence on your customer’s device, Google & Apple only. It’s a quick way for your customers to be able to access your interface, check their loyalty balance, access a discount voucher or place an order. All the features are accessible without having to go to a specific URL.

Other benefits for your customers include:

Benefits for Restaurants


Typically offer faster loading times and smoother performance compared to web apps.


Create a completely branded experience independent of other websites or platforms.

Data Collection

Gather richer data like app usage patterns and user behavior for deeper insights.


Greater flexibility to tailor features and functionalities to your specific restaurant needs.

In Conclusion

Choose a native app if

You prioritize offline functionality, rich features, deeper customer insights, and a strong brand identity.

Choose a web app if

You prioritize affordability, wider reach, easy accessibility, and frequent updates.

Ultimately, the best approach might be a "hybrid strategy", offering both a native app for engaged users and a web app for wider accessibility.

to make the right decision for your restaurant.

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