Loyalty Points​

Points are a great and simple loyalty mechanism to reward your loyal customers for their visit and encourage them to come back for more! 

Our Mission

At 5Loyalty, we aim to revolutionize customer loyalty in the hospitality industry. Our platform empowers businesses with innovative loyalty solutions to drive growth and enhance customer relationships. Join us in transforming loyalty with 5Loyalty.

Increased customer retention.

Loyalty programs give customers a reason to keep coming back to your restaurant. When customers know that they can earn points or rewards for their repeat business, they are more likely to make your location their go-to spot.

Increased Sales

Loyalty points can lead to increased sales, When customers earn points or rewards, they are more likely to spend more money at your location. This is because they feel like they are getting a “free” meal or product, so they are more likely to spend bigger on other items.

Increased Customer Data

Loyalty programs can also help you collect valuable customer data. This data can be used to improve your marketing efforts, target your promotions more effectively, and better understand your customers’ needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Loyalty points can also improve customer satisfaction. When customers feel like they are being rewarded for their business, they are more likely to be satisfied with your location This can lead to positive word-of-mouth marketing and increased sales.


Customers are able to accrue and redeem their points both in-store and online, it’s one login, one interface, giving your customers complete digital flexibility.

Why 5Loyalty?

Customers are able to accrue and redeem their points both in-store and online, it’s one login, one interface, giving your customers complete digital flexibility.

Here are  some reasons why loyalty points are so effective and how they work with our unique Lightspeed K-Series integration

Set percentage rate

Set your percentage earnings rate on the fly and dynamically change it in quieter times to encourage business in those quieter times.

Admin panel customers

Customer forgot to scan? No problem, through our admin panel customers can quickly be awarded points where required.

Quickly redeem points

Quickly and efficiently allow customers to accrue points by using our unique Lightspeed K-series web extension; this web extension allows your staff to quickly redeem points from a customer and deduct the value from the basket in real-time.

History redeemed points

The history section of our product allows customers to see how many points they have accrued or redeemed points, which location they were in and their updated balance. This means a lot less support enquiries for restaurant staff.

Points aren’t limited

Points don't have to be limited to purchases but can be rewarded to your customers for signing up to your loyalty scheme, for referring their friends to the loyalty scheme or even as a small present for their birthday.

Set minimum points threshold

Set a "minimum points threshold" meaning that customers have to accrue a preset minimum number of points before they can achieve a discount. Incentivising customers to spend more and redeem less often.

Frequently asked questions

There is a loyalty config section in the 5loyalty admin panel that has all the configurations related to points.

No, there is a section in the loyalty config section that allows you to exclude specific products from accruing points.

Unfortunately no, we have set the value of a point to £0.01, this makes it simple for your customers and increases the chances of them using the product. What our customers get to decide is what percentage cashback a customers get when they make a purchase,

Because we have a such a close integration with Lightspeed K-Series points can be applied to an order either as a discount or as a payment method. This is something that is configured by us during the setup.

Customer make decisions on where to spend their money on very fine margins, particularly in areas of high competition. If a customer knows they are 'getting something back' for their purchase then it will highly increase the chances of a customer choosing your establishment over another.

Not necessarily, a standard 5loyalty function is that any account which remains inactive (no online order or in-store scan) for 12 months will automatically be deleted.

5loyalty considers loyalty points to be the "Core mechanic" this is the backbone or headline of your loyalty scheme, it's simple and easy for your customers to remember. Stamp cards are great too and can be overlayed together with points to create an even more enticing scheme for your customers.

Absolutely not! There have been countless studies done by professionals of different disciplines that have have studied consumer spending habits. All come to a similar conclusion that customers like getting something back when they spend their money. Most big B2C consumer brands engage in some form of loyalty scheme for this exact reason.

Currently 5loyalty has over 400 K-Series locations spread across 9 different countries. We process close to 5,000 scans a day and nearly 2,000 orders. We have been integrating with Lightspeed K-series for over 8 years. We have continually optimised the integration to make it easier for the customer and the staff, we strive to reduce friction at the till whilst allowing for maximum functionality.

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