Stamp Card Loyalty

The history

It is believed that the first loyalty stamp card was introduced in 1896 by a barber named Frank S. Holt in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Holt’s idea was to give customers a stamp for every haircut they received, and once they had collected 10 stamps, they could redeem them for a free haircut. The program was a huge success, and it is credited with being the first loyalty program ever created.

Why Stamp Cards?

Frequently asked questions

The amount of stampcards you can include as part of your loyalty scheme is unlimited! Although too many can become confusing for your customers. We would recomned a maximium of 3.

Stampcards can be setup in the 5loyalty Admin panel, it's completely self service and can be done in minutes.

Your customers will see their stampcard(s) in the "loyalty & rewards" section of their webapp.

YES! Using our integration with Lightspeed we are able to allow customers complete flexibility when accruing or redeeeming their stamps or rewards. Customers just need to sign up to your loyalty scheme and create an account in order to accrue stamps.

No, your stampcard will stay in perpituity until such time as it has been disabled by our support team.

From the 5loyalty Admin panel it is quick and easy to be able to locate a customer and award them a stamp from any of the cards they have in their wallet.

Once a stampcard is complete the reward, that was set on the creation of the stmpcard, is generated into the customers wallet that can be used either online or instore.

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