Mobile Wallet

Our integration with the mobile wallet will allow end-users to save their QR code to their Apple or Google wallets. This makes the process of scanning your loyalty account in-store much easier.

Both Google and Apple, through their payment systems, allow their users to store ‘loyalty cards’ allowing them to be quickly located and accessed at the point of the transaction.

Benefits for Customers:

There are many advantages for your customers with an QR code stored in the Google/Apple wallet:


It's always with you! Your phone is likely something you carry with you all the time, so storing your loyalty cards in your digital wallet eliminates the need to fumble around for physical cards at checkout.

Easy Access

With a tap or two, you can pull up your loyalty QR code at the POS. This is much faster than searching for a specific card in your wallet or purse or having to access a specific URL to access the code.


Mobile wallets use secure features like fingerprint recognition or facial recognition to keep your information safe. This is typically more secure than carrying around a physical card that could be lost or stolen.

Improved Organization

Digital wallets can hold all your loyalty cards in one place, so you don't have to worry about a bulky wallet overflowing with plastic cards.

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