Counter Pickup

Counter Pick Up adds another ordering module onto the existing module suite. It’s a unique module that allows the end-user to be notified once their order has been prepared is ready to pick up.

This module is perfect for Food halls, food trucks, events or any other hospitality event where customer need to be told to come up and pick up their order.

The customer receives an email and/or SMS* when the status of their order updates. The status changes from 'received' to 'preparing' to 'ready-to-collect'

Like all of the 5loyalty ordering modules Counter Pick Up can be designated a specific menu and opening/closing times can be controlled directly on the POS.​

Frequently asked questions

The customer will be informed by email to the address that the customer has either registered with or confirmed with on guest check out. The email is not a 'marketing' email it is informing the customer that their order is complete.  Customer are also warned at the time of ordering that they will need to monitor their emails closely.

For an extra fee, customers can be sent an SMS informing them that their order is ready to pick up.

The email template is fixed, it includes all of the necessary information that is required.

Just like all our ordering modules loyalty can be both accrued and redeemed on counter pick up.

Yes - the 'order status' page shows the operational staff all of the live orders, the order time and the status.

Counter Pickup relies upon the customer being told the status of their order

Like all 5loyalty ordering types, 'counter pick up' can be disabled at any time by the operational staff.

*charges apply

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