Drop Point

A ‘drop point’ allows our merchants to set up ‘virtual canteens’ at their client locations. A drop point is a fixed location that is associated with a fixed delivery time. Merchants are able to set delivery rounds with a series of drop points so that they are able to maximise their delivery efficiency.

If Merchant A wanted to sell more lunches products to Office B, then merchant A could create a drop point; merchant A could guarantee that they would deliver to office B at 13:00 Monday – Friday. Staff at office B would then be able to login to Merchant A’s ordering system (powered by 5loyalty) and pre order their lunch knowing that it would be delivered at 13:00 to a fixed, predetermined location.

Drop points come with some major benefits for the merchants, or in the example above ‘merchant A

Why Drop Points?

Reduced costs: Virtual canteens can help food businesses to reduce their costs in a number of ways;

They can save on rent and utilities, as they do not necessarily need to rent a physical space.

They can also save on staff costs, as they do not need to hire as many staff.

They can save on food waste, as they can better track their inventory and only order the amount of food that they need.

Collating and grouping delivery orders would also reduce the delivery fee as a % of the order. Rather than delivering lunch to an individual, lunch can be delivered to a group of workers.

Advantages for the Business

Increased Reach

Virtual canteens can help food businesses to reach a wider audience. They are not limited by the physical location of a traditional canteen, so they can serve customers anywhere within their specific delivery radius. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that want to expand their operations or reach new customers.

Enhanced Brand Image

Virtual canteens can help food businesses to enhance their brand image. They can create a modern and professional online presence that can appeal to a wider audience. Additionally, they can use the virtual canteen to promote their brand and products through social media and other marketing channels.
Drop points come with some major benefits for the end customer, or in the example above 'office B'

Improved Efficiency

Virtual canteens can help food businesses to improve their efficiency. The ordering and payment process is automated, so there is less paperwork and manual labour involved. This can free up staff time so that they can focus on other tasks, such as food preparation and delivery.

Better Customer Service

Virtual canteens can help food businesses to provide better customer service. Customers can easily place orders and track their delivery status online. They can also provide feedback on the food and service, which can help businesses to improve their offerings.

Advantages for the Customer


Drop points offer a wider variety of food options than traditional canteens, as they can partner with multiple restaurants and food delivery services. This gives employees more choices and the ability to find food that they enjoy.


Virtual canteens can be more sustainable than traditional canteens. This is because they can reduce food waste by only delivering food that has been ordered, and they can also use eco-friendly packaging.

Healthier Options

Virtual canteens can offer healthier food options than traditional canteens. This is because they can partner with restaurants that specialize in healthy food, and they can also offer meal planning and nutrition coaching services to employees.


Virtual canteens can be more cost-effective for businesses than traditional canteens. This is because businesses, if they are paying for them, only have to pay for the food that their employees order, and there are no overhead costs associated with running a physical canteen.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Virtual canteens can improve employee satisfaction by providing them with a wider variety of food options, more convenience, and healthier choices. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Virtual canteens can be a valuable tool for attracting and retaining top talent. By offering a variety of food options and convenient ordering, businesses can show their employees that they care about their well-being.

The 5loyalty 'drop point' module comes with a variety of useful features and customisations making it suit almost any type of merchant

Different Menus

Not all drop points that Merchant A establishes have to have the same menu, different drop points can have different menus. This allows the merchant to tailor the menu to the type of business they are targeting; healthy food only to the gym for example or perhaps food that travels better to the drop point that is slightly further way.

Cut Off Times

If office A requires at least 3 hours notice to prepare Office B's lunch (as per the example above) then the employees of Office B must place their order before 10am in order to secure that delivery slot. Cut off times can be different for different days of the week to allow even greater flexibility.

Unlock Codes

A merchant's established drop points are hidden from the interface and are required to be unlocked by using an unlock code. This means that the drop points for each merchant stays confidential and is only visible by the staff at the drop point itself. this also has the benefit of stopping staff ordering items to the wrong drop point by mistake.

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