How gamification can help you find and keep customers

On average, people spend two hours a day looking at their smartphones and 50 minutes of that playing games. Businesses large and small are capitalising on this trend through the use of gamified loyalty apps. Gamification means to integrate elements of games into other activities – things like challenges, rules, points/scoreboards, or a social/competitive element. […]

Six social media tips to promote your restaurant’s brand and deals

The key with social media is to know how to use it smartly. If you have a Twitter and/or Facebook account, utilise the social platforms each day. These six social media strategies can market your restaurant, build a loyal customer base and increase visitors. Deal of the day or week If you have a deal […]

An easy guide to keeping your team motivated and making sales grow

Are you certain that you are doing everything right when it comes to your restaurant but just aren’t seeing the results? Well, we hate to break it to you, but you can have all the technology, strategies and money in the world – yet if your staff/team is not up to scratch, your food establishment […]

3 advantages of in-app ordering

We live in a tech-savvy world and with a generation of smartphone users out there, it’s no wonder that so many industries are finding more and more ways to incorporate technology into their businesses. For restaurants and coffee shops this is no exception, with digital loyalty cards becoming increasingly popular. As well as opening up […]

3 common loyalty program mistakes

Building a community among customers is a brilliant way to promote your brand and as such you’ll see many types of businesses running a loyalty program. It’s a particularly good technique for marketing for restaurants and when done right will create a real buzz about your brand and encourage repeat customers. It’s seven times more […]

Promote your business and excite your customers with a creative loyalty app

Ever wondered how you can make the most of your present loyal customers, and encourage new customers to choose your restaurant over your competition time and time again? In a world of fast food apps and instant-order website, it’s all about setting out your digital brand as something that’s unique, exciting and rewarding to your […]

How to build a loyal customer base for your restaurant

If you work within the hospitality industry and run a restaurant, you’ll know first hand the importance of building and growing a loyal customer base who will return time and again to eat with you, bringing their friends and family to join. One of the best ways to increase awareness and increase your customer base […]

Promoting your brand in a digital era

For a business to succeed, marketing and promoting its brand is crucial. Whilst traditional marketing techniques can still be useful, companies must consider online and digital marketing in order to target customers effectively. The rise of social media and mobile internet connectivity enables brands to engage with customers in a whole new way. Rather than […]

How a digital loyalty stamp can help you retain customers

For any business, creating brand awareness is the first step in gaining new customers. Whilst companies invest heavily in campaigns to attract consumers, they sometimes overlook the potential benefits of retaining customers and encouraging them to make repeat purchases. Fostering brand loyalty, however, can be extremely profitable for businesses. Once you’ve invested in gaining a […]