Six social media tips to promote your restaurant’s brand and deals


The key with social media is to know how to use it smartly. If you have a Twitter and/or Facebook account, utilise the social platforms each day. These six social media strategies can market your restaurant, build a loyal customer base and increase visitors.

Deal of the day or week

If you have a deal of the week or day, tweet your offer out each day that it is available. Make sure that you adapt the tweets so they are fresh. Use keywords and hashtags such as #deal or #offer to engage with the right audience.


Use your location to your advantage. In your tweets and sharing on social media, hashtag your location. This could increase the footfall to your restaurant.

The power of retweets

Encourage your followers to retweet your offers using the hashtag #RT. This will engage more readership of your offers, more potential followers and visitors to your restaurant seeking your offers. You could even offer a free ‘deal of the week or day’ the most engaged tweeter from your followers.

Facebook campaigns

A simple campaign on Facebook promoting your offers and deals can reach hundreds of potential new customers. Campaigns don’t have to cost lots of money – you can select how long you would like Facebook to promote your campaign to suit your budget. Select the target market to receive your offer based on location or interests to engage the right people.

Set up a restaurant forum

Setting up a forum for your restaurant on your Facebook page will encourage customers to share their thoughts and views for others to read. Readers of positive feedback can increase your brand awareness. Engage with the comments you receive – be seen to be active and friendly with your fans.

Create a Facebook page

A Facebook page is a sure way to ensure customers know when your deals and offers are on. It can also increase a following of potential future customers. New likes by followers will be viewed by the new follower’s social group, which could further increase brand awareness and interest in your restaurant.

Read the 5loyalty blog to find out more about how you can make the most of social media for your restaurant.

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