200 Degrees – Promotional Offer Campaign Form (see explanations below)

  1. Reward – this is the discount/adjustment that the customer will benefit from when they redeem their voucher. This field is not public but your image that you submit will need to explain this reward.
  2. Location – a campaign can either be sent to all locations or just be one location. If one specific location is selected then every user that has either: scanned at that location at least once OR selected that location as their “Home Store” will receive the notification
  3. Campaign name – This will be the title that your analytics dashboard is named after.
  4. Campaign Description – this reminds you, or the business, of the campaign objective and that it was trying to achieve.
  5. Confirmation email address – once this campaign document has been validated we will then confirm it to this address.
  6. Target Notification distribution date – This is the date that you would like the notification to be distributed to the users warning them that a ‘loyalty boost’ period is approaching.
  7. Time of day distribution – This represents the time of the day the notification will be distributed to the app users.
  8. Terms and Conditions – These are the T & C’s that are attached to the voucher and will be seen by the customer.
  9. Push Notification Text – This text is customer facing and will appear on the device of the customer on the basis they haven’t blocked them.
  10. Voucher Image – this is the image that the customer will see in their wallet. Please publish the expiration date so it is clear to the customer.
  11. Promotion Expiry – The date that the Promotional offer image disappears from the voucher wallet.
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