How loyalty programmes keep them ‘appy!

Every business knows the value of making a happy customer. There are many ways to do this; great service, great products, great staff…but one of the less obvious ways is having an outstanding loyalty/rewards programme. Thanks to our modern age, loyalty cards are a thing of the past and loyalty apps seem to be the way forward. So, what are the benefits of a loyalty system and how does it keep those customers, and business owners, so happy?

1. Customers feel a part of something

Everyone likes to feel included and customers in many industries, including restaurants and food, love to know that they are a part of something. With a loyalty scheme you can offer exclusive offers, discounts and rewards and in no time at all your customers will feel like VIP members of your business.

2. Business owners receive repeat custom

Restaurants, coffee shops and cafes are not hard to come by, so potential customers are spoilt for choice. You can’t guarantee they’re going to choose you, but a loyalty scheme makes them much more likely to. Being able to earn points, collect rewards or receive a discount are all strong incentives and can easily sway that all important decision your way. ‘Appy business owners, indeed!

3. Direct communication

Having an app is a sure-fire way to get in touch with those all-important previous customers and keep your business fresh in their minds. Either through in-app messages or notifications sent directly to their phones, you’ll be able to reach out to your database any time. It works to the customer’s favour too. With the app on their phone, they can easily contact you, find out information about offers, browse a menu or book a table with just the swipe of a finger. So, this means easy marketing for businesses and easy communication for the customer. Everyone’s a winner, which means everybody’s happy!

It’s undeniable that keeping customers happy is the most important thing, but loyalty apps offer so much more than the points raised above. Contact us at 5loyalty today to find out more about bespoke mobile applications for your business.

Photo: Friends with Mobile Phones by garryknight licensed under Creative commons 4

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