Get your restaurant click and collect ready with a bespoke app

As a restaurant owner or a manager, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to compete within your industry. Coming up with new and inventive ways to maximise your profits and get over the constrictions that come with the size of your restaurant can be difficult, but a bespoke app with a click and collect feature could be just the thing to take your restaurant to the next level and ensure that you’re running a seriously competitive operation.

Click and collect is expanding rapidly. Studies have shown that more than 80% of shoppers in the UK are already using the feature, and a bespoke app designed around your restaurant is a great way to offer click and collect to new and existing customers. When you consider the fact that people regularly use their phones to manage all aspects of their lives, having a click and collect service will help you increase customer engagement and let your customers order quickly and conveniently whilst on the go.

In order to stand out from the competition, you should be looking to let your customers have everything they want by letting them place click and collect orders through an app. Not only will it benefit the customer, but with the average spend of an app or online order being 25% higher than a phone order, you should notice your profits increase.

Another key benefit of click and collect is that it frees up man hours for you to focus on the food. With a simple feature that lets your customers purchase directly from the app, you’re not losing precious hours to answering the phone. In fact, takeaway surveys have shown that takeaways and restaurants that offer an ordering through an app or online service save an average of fifty hours when compared to restaurants that only accept telephone orders.

You want to be doing as much as possible to make placing an order with your restaurant as easy as possible, and click and collect will not only let you do that, but it can work in conjunction with other campaigns such as a loyalty scheme. If a customer already knows that placing an order with your restaurant is easy and that they’ll earn loyalty points by simply placing the order, you are far more likely to get repeat orders which will give your profits a boost. Contact 5loyalty today to find out more.

Photo: Takeaway by Dai Lygad licensed under Creative commons 4

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