5loyalty https://5loyalty.com Loyalty & Ordering Apps for Hospitality Sat, 30 Jan 2021 08:05:42 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.6.2 https://5loyalty.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/cropped-5l-favicon-32x32.png 5loyalty https://5loyalty.com 32 32 How gamification can help you find and keep customers https://5loyalty.com/how-gamification-can-help-you-find-and-keep-customers?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-gamification-can-help-you-find-and-keep-customers Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:28:42 +0000 https://5loyalty.com/?p=991 On average, people spend two hours a day looking at their smartphones and 50 minutes of that playing games. Businesses large and small are capitalising on this trend through the use of gamified loyalty apps.

Gamification means to integrate elements of games into other activities – things like challenges, rules, points/scoreboards, or a social/competitive element. When integrated with social media, gamification has proven to be a powerful marketing tool. Here are some common gamification techniques, and how they can benefit your restaurant.

Achievement badges increase customer engagement

A staple gamification technique is to give customers “Achievement Badges” as recognition for reaching certain milestones. For example, a customer who comes to your restaurant three times in a week could get the “Regular Customer” achievement, or someone who buys the hottest dish on your menu might get the “Chilli Champion” achievement. They can be displayed in a “My Achievements” or “Trophy Cabinet” page on the app.

When customers see the achievements available, they see it as a challenge, and start working their way through them. Psychologists call this the “endowed progress effect” – which is a fancy way of saying people feel a psychological pressure not to leave a task unfinished.

Points and rewards increase loyalty

Gamification makes this concept of a points card more interesting. As well as getting points for cash spent, customers could get points for achieving badges, regular visits to your restaurant, or recommending a friend.

The app can display a progress bar showing progress to the next reward, which could be discounts at your restaurant, or at a business you partner with (Starbucks link their gamified app with Spotify). Again, this motivates customers to come back to your restaurant and complete the task.

Shareability provides free marketing

As you know, word of mouth is key to building and keeping a loyal customer base. But how do you get people talking about your restaurant? With social media, it’s quite hard to get people to spread marketing messages to their friends, but they will quite happily share an achievement badge on their social media channels. With social media being the second most popular method people use to choose a restaurant, this represents a highly effective marketing strategy.

3 advantages of in-app ordering https://5loyalty.com/3-advantages-of-in-app-ordering?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=3-advantages-of-in-app-ordering Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:28:42 +0000 https://5loyalty.com/?p=987 We live in a tech-savvy world and with a generation of smartphone users out there, it’s no wonder that so many industries are finding more and more ways to incorporate technology into their businesses. For restaurants and coffee shops this is no exception, with digital loyalty cards becoming increasingly popular. As well as opening up opportunities to grow a customer base, encourage loyalty and offer rewards, it’s also possible to offer in-app ordering. Yes, your customers could order their food and drink quickly and easily using their mobile phones. Here are three brilliant advantages of this feature:

1. Customer satisfaction

Ordering from an app makes the customer’s experience more enjoyable. They can avoid queuing, browse the menu at their own leisure and place their order from the comfort of their chair. In-app ordering also allows for more accurate orders and therefore fewer mistakes will be made, making their overall experience an extremely positive one.

2. Encourages higher spends

In-app ordering allows you the option to showcase your entire menu clearly as well as the chance to offer up sales or additional items. With the potential stress of long queue times taken out of the equation, customers are more likely to take their time ordering, giving them more time to discover specials or pick extra sides and drinks.

3. Encourage reviews and feedback

When a customer signs up for your app you’ll then be able to market to them through it. If they use the app to order their food you can prompt them to leave a review on social media or your website. Their overall positive experience should encourage them to leave you positive feedback which is great for customer engagement. The app will also make the reviewing process quick and simple, meaning more customers will take the time to do so.

There’s even more good news; acquiring a custom, fully branded loyalty app complete with in-app ordering, as well as many other amazing features, is much easier and more affordable than you may think. If you’re considering one for your business and have any questions, speak to 5loyalty today (https://www.5loyalty.com/contact/) to see how we can help.

An easy guide to keeping your team motivated and making sales grow https://5loyalty.com/an-easy-guide-to-keeping-your-team-motivated-and-making-sales-grow?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=an-easy-guide-to-keeping-your-team-motivated-and-making-sales-grow Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:28:42 +0000 https://5loyalty.com/?p=983 Are you certain that you are doing everything right when it comes to your restaurant but just aren’t seeing the results? Well, we hate to break it to you, but you can have all the technology, strategies and money in the world – yet if your staff/team is not up to scratch, your food establishment will not soar. However, it is easier than ever to relight the motivational spark within your team and before you know it, you’ll be seeing the results you have always wanted.

Communicate better

Communication is often overlooked both when dealing with customers and also internally within the team. Communicate frequently and face-to-face. You don’t want to be known as the unapproachable boss who never comes out of their office. Your staff need to know that they are valued. Lead by example and remember to show your excitement about the company’s goals. Good moods are infectious – especially in the workplace.

Modernise your restaurant

The restaurant sector is busy and often you can get caught up in marketing campaigns, finances and looking at customer satisfaction without tracking your successes and making sure that your team are ok. Imagine if your staff could see their work paying off with clear evidential proof of success – it’s got to be uplifting, right? Additionally, what is the point of putting in all the hard work if you don’t know how it’s being received? The world is changing and when implemented in the correct way, change can be exciting. Using social media marketing campaigns is now a necessity – why not use it to your advantage and then track the results?

Your employees are more motivated when they know they’re working towards something. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you but in today’s world, you should be using social media. If you can’t get your head around it, then take a look at your team – there is bound to be someone who enjoys it and would love the new opportunity. Let it become their project. Having active social media accounts is just one way of securing your brand’s reputation but also allows for constant business to consumer communication. Instead of viewing social media as ‘a young person’s thing’, think of it this way – using social media is free and a great way to get the word out about you and your product.

Make work fun

It is important to remember that as long as deadlines are met and the work is getting done, it is okay to have some fun. Why not order the occasional lunch in for everyone, pop to the pub one Friday afternoon, or plan a summer BBQ for everyone and their partners?

If your staff can see that your business is falling behind with the times, then they are never going to be motivated. Keep work interesting and test out different marketing activities and tools. Embrace new technology, promote your brand and think of ways to better your food establishment.

If you would like some more information or if you have any questions about how to motivate your team in order for sales to grow, then please get in touch.

Six social media tips to promote your restaurant’s brand and deals https://5loyalty.com/six-social-media-tips-to-promote-your-restaurants-brand-and-deals?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=six-social-media-tips-to-promote-your-restaurants-brand-and-deals Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:28:42 +0000 https://5loyalty.com/?p=979 The key with social media is to know how to use it smartly. If you have a Twitter and/or Facebook account, utilise the social platforms each day. These six social media strategies can market your restaurant, build a loyal customer base and increase visitors.

Deal of the day or week

If you have a deal of the week or day, tweet your offer out each day that it is available. Make sure that you adapt the tweets so they are fresh. Use keywords and hashtags such as #deal or #offer to engage with the right audience.


Use your location to your advantage. In your tweets and sharing on social media, hashtag your location. This could increase the footfall to your restaurant.

The power of retweets

Encourage your followers to retweet your offers using the hashtag #RT. This will engage more readership of your offers, more potential followers and visitors to your restaurant seeking your offers. You could even offer a free ‘deal of the week or day’ the most engaged tweeter from your followers.

Facebook campaigns

A simple campaign on Facebook promoting your offers and deals can reach hundreds of potential new customers. Campaigns don’t have to cost lots of money – you can select how long you would like Facebook to promote your campaign to suit your budget. Select the target market to receive your offer based on location or interests to engage the right people.

Set up a restaurant forum

Setting up a forum for your restaurant on your Facebook page will encourage customers to share their thoughts and views for others to read. Readers of positive feedback can increase your brand awareness. Engage with the comments you receive – be seen to be active and friendly with your fans.

Create a Facebook page

A Facebook page is a sure way to ensure customers know when your deals and offers are on. It can also increase a following of potential future customers. New likes by followers will be viewed by the new follower’s social group, which could further increase brand awareness and interest in your restaurant.

Read the 5loyalty blog to find out more about how you can make the most of social media for your restaurant.

How a digital loyalty stamp can help you retain customers https://5loyalty.com/how-a-digital-loyalty-stamp-can-help-you-retain-customers?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-a-digital-loyalty-stamp-can-help-you-retain-customers Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:28:41 +0000 https://5loyalty.com/?p=1007 For any business, creating brand awareness is the first step in gaining new customers. Whilst companies invest heavily in campaigns to attract consumers, they sometimes overlook the potential benefits of retaining customers and encouraging them to make repeat purchases.

Fostering brand loyalty, however, can be extremely profitable for businesses. Once you’ve invested in gaining a customer, it makes sense to build the relationship and enhance the loyalty the consumer has for your brand.

Whilse traditional methods of retaining customers have been used over the years, the rise of mobile technology means that there are plenty more options available for new and existing businesses.

Launching a digital loyalty stamp

When customers are rewarded for purchasing your products or using your services, they are encouraged to do so again. A loyalty stamp, which provides a free product or discount once a certain amount of purchases have been made, is a great way to persuade customers to use your business over a competitors and it’s extremely compatible with new forms of technology.

A branded mobile app, for example, enables customers to build loyalty points and reap the rewards. Whilst people may lose loyalty cards or be unable to find them in their purses or wallets, most people have their mobile phone or tablet to hand at all times. As a result, customers can collect loyalty points digitally, in a quick and efficient manner.

Increasing customer engagement

In addition to enabling people to gain loyalty points, an app can also be used to facilitate conversations with customers. Inviting feedback, for example, can increase customer engagement, as well as enhancing brand loyalty.

Or you could try releasing new products to your most loyal customers in advance of a widespread launch – this enables your business to benefit from feedback and ensures repeat customers feel valued and rewarded. Furthermore, allowing customers to input information will enable you to collect relevant customer data. Once obtained, this can be used to engage with clients further and deliver targeted marketing offers, such as voucher codes or discounts, to them.

To find out more about the benefits of using a digital loyalty stamp, why not contact us today?

Promoting your brand in a digital era https://5loyalty.com/promoting-your-brand-in-a-digital-era?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=promoting-your-brand-in-a-digital-era Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:28:41 +0000 https://5loyalty.com/?p=1005 For a business to succeed, marketing and promoting its brand is crucial. Whilst traditional marketing techniques can still be useful, companies must consider online and digital marketing in order to target customers effectively.

The rise of social media and mobile internet connectivity enables brands to engage with customers in a whole new way. Rather than simply advertising to your target demographic, you can create a two-way conversation with existing and potential customers.

For businesses which rely on repeat customers, such as restaurants, cafes and bars, creating a community around the company can be extremely effective. When customers feel valued and rewarded, they are more likely to return and make repeat purchases.

Rewarding customer loyalty

Recognising regular customers should be part and parcel of your customer care strategy. By using your online marketing to reward their loyalty, you can show your appreciation and encourage them to return to your business in the near future.

Traditionally, many businesses used loyalty cards to entice customers to make repeat purchases but there is now a digital option for rewarding regular customers. Rather than issuing loyalty cards, you can reward customers with digital loyalty stamps every time they make a purchase or spend a certain amount. When enough stamps have been collected, they may be rewarded with a free meal or a discount towards their next bill.

Taking loyalty points into a digital age

Using an app to facilitate digital loyalty stamps still enables repeat customers to benefit but it also provides businesses with an advantage. Within your app, you can include a range of features, in addition to the digital loyalty stamp.

Enabling customers to engage with your business digitally ensures that their feedback is acted upon and that you gain a greater insight into your current customer base. Gathering data via your app will enable you to create and execute more effective marketing campaigns in the future.

Furthermore, launching a branded app can help to streamline your business processes. When combined with your existing systems, an app could enable customers to place an order, contact you about a product or even make a future booking.

To find out more about using an app to promote your business, contact us today.

How to build a loyal customer base for your restaurant https://5loyalty.com/how-to-build-a-loyal-customer-base-for-your-restaurant?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-to-build-a-loyal-customer-base-for-your-restaurant Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:28:41 +0000 https://5loyalty.com/?p=1001 If you work within the hospitality industry and run a restaurant, you’ll know first hand the importance of building and growing a loyal customer base who will return time and again to eat with you, bringing their friends and family to join. One of the best ways to increase awareness and increase your customer base in a restaurant is to attract new customers via word of mouth. Therefore, the more loyal customers you have, who are already advocates for your business, the more likely you are to attract new customers. Here are three steps to approach it:

Get a loyalty app

A great way to develop a close customer base is by creating a loyalty app for your restaurant, enabling you to reward loyal customers and grow a community and network of people who already love eating with you. You can use your app in several ways to improve your customer relationships, offer discounts, get feedback and invite your customers to interact with you via social media. You’ll also get access to their data which can help you better understand your core customer, which is crucial when it comes to future marketing efforts.

Use it as a focus group

If you want to launch a series of new dishes or a new menu, you can use your app as a focus group, asking customers who eat with you regularly to vote through your app for the dishes they’d most like to eat. You could even reward a select few customers with a taster menu of the new dishes you’ve decided upon.

If you’re thinking of changing anything within your business, your app could work as an incredible platform to generate feedback from your customers first hand. You must ensure you’re giving your customers something back for their time and effort in completing your surveys to keep them loyal to your business.

Use it as a reservation system

Apps are one of the most popular ways for people to make bookings and have revolutionised the health, beauty and fitness industries, increasing the number of bookings businesses get each day and also a greater communication of cancelled attendance due to the ease of using an app which helps businesses to better adjust their service to maximise on customers. Offering a reservations system on your app could be a great way to increase the number of loyal customers your restaurant has, as you offer a flexible service to suit the busy lifestyles of your customers.

Promote your business and excite your customers with a creative loyalty app https://5loyalty.com/promote-your-business-and-excite-your-customers-with-a-creative-loyalty-app?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=promote-your-business-and-excite-your-customers-with-a-creative-loyalty-app Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:28:41 +0000 https://5loyalty.com/?p=997 Ever wondered how you can make the most of your present loyal customers, and encourage new customers to choose your restaurant over your competition time and time again? In a world of fast food apps and instant-order website, it’s all about setting out your digital brand as something that’s unique, exciting and rewarding to your customers.

Utilising a loyalty app is a fantastic way to keep your customers connected to your restaurant business. Not only is your brand right there on their phone, it gives you the opportunity to gather information from customers for email marketing, send them handy notifications and collect information about what they want and need. With so many restaurants making the leap to digital service and digital loyalty schemes, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips and tricks you can try to get those customers coming back to gain those points:

Offer options

The mistake that some loyalty apps make is to make their loyalty prizes set – maybe it’s a particular dessert, an alcoholic drink or something else. It’s easy to isolate customers by being too specific; after all, what if they don’t drink or don’t like pudding? A great way around this is to have multiple options your customers can pick from. Maybe after ten visits, they can get a free drink, dessert or starter – or they could save up 30 visits for a free meal for one.

Reflect your brand ideals

Don’t sell yourself short – if your restaurant is all about quality, then don’t make yourself look cheap by giving a lot away! Your loyalty scheme should represent the kind of establishment you run, and your loyalty prizes should reflect this. If you have multiple restaurants, you can offer cross-brand loyalty schemes too, getting more exposure for all your businesses in one go.

Integrate digital into your establishments

Make it easy for customers to use your loyalty scheme – include a QR code to the app on the back of your menus, or offer a physical card to work with your app to keep your brand at the forefront of their mind. You can even include the number of visits until their next reward on their receipt, or encourage social media reviews by offering extra loyalty points when they’re completed. Gamification will get your customers involved and excited to return to you.

3 common loyalty program mistakes https://5loyalty.com/3-common-loyalty-program-mistakes?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=3-common-loyalty-program-mistakes Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:28:41 +0000 https://5loyalty.com/?p=993 Building a community among customers is a brilliant way to promote your brand and as such you’ll see many types of businesses running a loyalty program. It’s a particularly good technique for marketing for restaurants and when done right will create a real buzz about your brand and encourage repeat customers. It’s seven times more expensive to market to a new customer than an existing one and loyalty programs allow you to communicate with those who already love what you do. However, loyalty programs can be tricky to get exactly right. Here are three common mistakes that businesses make:

1. Making it too hard to join

When people visit a restaurant or cafe, they’re there for a reason. Whether it’s to meet friends or enjoy some quiet time with a coffee, one thing’s certain: they don’t want to be bothered. If joining a loyalty scheme involves filling out forms or talking to a member of staff for an extended time, you’ll notice that interest plummets and sign-ups may be few and far between. Try making it easier by introducing an online membership or app, so that all your customers need to do is pop on to their phone and sign up in seconds.

2. Investing in plastic loyalty cards

We all know someone with a purse stuffed full of plastic loyalty cards and so this may be the first thing that springs to mind when you consider your loyalty program. However, plastic cards are expensive and easily lost. Going digital is a far more efficient way to run a loyalty scheme, as people rarely leave the house without their mobile. Expecting your customers to remember your card every time they go out is unrealistic.

3. Not tracking usage

With plastic or cardboard loyalty cards it can be very hard to track how often the cards are being used, analyse results and allow you to offer bigger rewards to more frequent visitors. It’s vital to know these stats in order to market to the right people and the right time and an app could do it all for you.