200 Degrees – Code Campaign Setup Form (see explanations below)

  1. Location – Once a valid code has been inserted into a users app a voucher will be generated. This voucher can either be generated in one location or all location.
  2. This is the discount/adjustment that the customer will benefit from when they enter the code and  redeem their voucher.
  3. Campaign name – This will be the title that your analytics dashboard is named after
  4. Campaign Description – this reminds you, or the business, of the campaign objective and what it was trying to achieve.
  5. Confirmation email address – once this campaign document has been validated we will then confirm it to this address.
  6. Voucher Terms and Conditions – These are the T & C’s that are attached to the voucher and will be seen by the customer.
  7. A Single-Use codes (most common) is a code that is unique and can only be used once. A ‘multi-use’ code is one that can be redeemed X number of times.
  8. This number represents the amount of random ‘Single-use codes’ that will be generated for you to distribute. Or it represents the number of times a ‘Multi-use’ code can be redeemed. (NB – a multi use code can only ever be redeemed once per user)
  9. Code Expiry Date – After this date the code will no longer generate a voucher.
  10.  Voucher Image Рthis is the image that the customer will see in their wallet. Please publish the expiration date so it is clear to the customer.
  11. Once the code is inserted into the app and the voucher has been generated it needs an expiration time. Please insert it in here.
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