Technology to Keep You Open

Technology to Keep You Open

An Experience Your Customers will Love

By blending cutting-edge mobile technology with the traditional values of brand loyalty and customer service that allow restaurants to excel, 5Loyalty arms your business with the tools to reach unimaginable new heights.

We believe that online ordering and customer loyalty for restaurants should be simple, which is why we offer fully-integrated solutions that any business can add to their operations.

A Commitment to Partner Success

We don’t think of you as a client, but as a partner.

That is why we are completely dedicated to working with you to add our solutions to your business, so that you can make your goals a reality.

Our professional, friendly team are always available to assist you with everything you need to make our partnership a success, so you can use our platform to do amazing things for your business!

Convenient online ordering

Allows your customers to place orders through a website, online app or native app directly on their mobile device

Reduced waiting times

5Loyalty improves your restaurant’s ability to accept orders and get them to customers faster with greater accuracy

Loyalty programs

Keep customers engaged through special offers and discounts, saving them money while keeping them happy

History tracking

Customers can see each visit and what orders they placed, making it easier to track loyalty points and re-order their favourite dishes

Direct feedback

Customers can share their experience with you, letting them know that their input matters to your business