3 advantages of in-app ordering

We live in a tech-savvy world and with a generation of smartphone users out there, it’s no wonder that so many industries are finding more and more ways to incorporate technology into their businesses. For restaurants and coffee shops this is no exception, with digital loyalty cards becoming increasingly popular. As well as opening up opportunities to grow a customer base, encourage loyalty and offer rewards, it’s also possible to offer in-app ordering. Yes, your customers could order their food and drink quickly and easily using their mobile phones. Here are three brilliant advantages of this feature:

1. Customer satisfaction

Ordering from an app makes the customer’s experience more enjoyable. They can avoid queuing, browse the menu at their own leisure and place their order from the comfort of their chair. In-app ordering also allows for more accurate orders and therefore fewer mistakes will be made, making their overall experience an extremely positive one.

2. Encourages higher spends

In-app ordering allows you the option to showcase your entire menu clearly as well as the chance to offer up sales or additional items. With the potential stress of long queue times taken out of the equation, customers are more likely to take their time ordering, giving them more time to discover specials or pick extra sides and drinks.

3. Encourage reviews and feedback

When a customer signs up for your app you’ll then be able to market to them through it. If they use the app to order their food you can prompt them to leave a review on social media or your website. Their overall positive experience should encourage them to leave you positive feedback which is great for customer engagement. The app will also make the reviewing process quick and simple, meaning more customers will take the time to do so.

There’s even more good news; acquiring a custom, fully branded loyalty app complete with in-app ordering, as well as many other amazing features, is much easier and more affordable than you may think. If you’re considering one for your business and have any questions, speak to 5loyalty today (https://www.5loyalty.com/contact/) to see how we can help.

Photo: Wheelmap App iPhone by SOZIALHELDEN licensed under Creative commons 4

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